The principals of Kubera Venture Capital Group believe it is possible to achieve venture-like returns on targeted equity investments in the micro-cap space by exploiting the market inefficiencies that are prevalent in this sector.


Kubera targets operating companies that are generating positive cash flow and which can be acquired for modest amounts of capital. However, our interests, particularly for healthcare-related technologies span all stages of the development of a new product or technology-related service, as shown below. Often, we will choose to exit after the commercialization stage.


Product/Service Development


The firm seeks a majority ownership position and selectively employs leverage to optimize its risk-return profile within the companies’ capital structure. Kubera takes an activist position in its portfolio companies, formulating a growth plan, execution strategy, and path to exit over a 3-5 year period. Kubera’s principals serve on the companies’ boards and sometimes serve as interim management.