Examples of the types of companies Kubera includes in its portfolio are:

 Healthcare: Clinical Research

As part of a regional growth strategy, Kubera has invested in two clinical research firms that conduct trials for pharmaceutical industry clients. These firms each provide a comprehensive set of services to aid in the process of bringing new, effective treatments to the market, through Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials.

Healthcare Technology: Mobile Health for Chronic Disease

Kubera has invested in a global development project, involving teams across the US, Europe, and Asia to develop a comprehensive mHealth technology solution to enhance patient/physician communication in the treatment and management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and others.

 Healthcare Technology: Breast Health Management System

Jointly with premier academic research institutions, Kubera has invested in a research, development, and commercialization undertaking to enhance patient understanding of diagnostics and treatment options related to breast health, with a focus on areas of emerging concern, including measurement of lifetime exposures to radiation and dense breast diagnostics.